West Hills Man Now On Permanent Vacation

Monday 14 June 2059 96185 Shares

West Hills Man Now On Permanent Vacation

A WEST HILLS local by the name of Jordan Fitleberg is now on a full time vacation according to sources- Allegedly receiving a 3.2 billion dollar (FORBES, 2017) buyout for his app idea, "Smells."

"Smells," an app that recently made waves in iTunes, doesn't actually do anything, rather a white screen pops up and black font says, "Stick your finger in, wiggle, then smell it."

The app received over 3 million downloads within the first 20 minutes of release, only to receive praise and candor for, "an unbelievable benchmark achievement for design; An ingenious throttle of brain power and ingenuity."

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook revealed just hours ago that the company will be implementing a team to study Fitleberg, from afar, to learn from this powerful brain trust.

Cook went on to tweet, "This whole thing has completely made me rethink our company, we're shattered, I, I, I don't even know what to say at this point."

Our team has reached out to Fitleberg for a comment, but no response was received.

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