Dead Bigfoot Found at Lake Altoona

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Dead Bigfoot Found at Lake Altoona

Cherokee County, GA : The dead body of the elusive Sasquatch was recently discovered on a secluded shore at Lake Altoona on Wednesday by a camper and his wife. The campers, who wish to remain anonymous, are from Douglasville, GA and have heard of the reports of recent sightings of the Bigfoot in the area.

The campers described the creature as being between 8 and 8.5 feet tall, and between 600 to 800 pounds in weight covered with black hair, and possessing broad, muscular shoulders. Slim waist. Long legs. Arms reaching the knees. Ape-like hands (no opposable thumb). Palms and base of feet hairless. Feet very large (18 to 24 inches long) with five toes.
The camper, an avid outdoorsman and hunter, told the Cherokee County Sheriff Investigators that "I was skeptical about all the recent stories I heard of Bigfoot here, but after actually seeing one in the flesh, it scared the hell out of me!" he admitted.
He did state to this reporter that the creature had a compound fracture of its right leg and cause of death may have been due to infection. We must also report that the remains were removed under tight security by the military to an undisclosed location.

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