SEGA to give Gearbox a second chance, PSO3 in the works

Thursday 28 May 58095 Shares

SEGA to give Gearbox a second chance, PSO3 in the works

SEGA, the company that gave us such great characters as Gunstar, Vectorman and Sonic, has decided to have acclaimed Borderlands creators make a new Phantasy Star Online.

The new Phantasy Star game, code named "The PSO3 project", is to be the quintessential be-all end-all game that brings the Phantasy Star series "Screaming and kicking into the new age of gaming!"

Diehard fans of the series are dubious. Due to the previous track record of Gearbox's last SEGA title Aliens: Colonial Marines and how hard that game flopped and is seen as "The worst game ever made in the 20th century!" With reviewers saying;
"I believe that I just wasted an hour if my life!"- Games mag+

"I need to get drunk and high to enjoy this s**t!"- Electronics video games, now with pictures!

"Now that I have played this, I think I can now fully enjoy E.T. for Atari 2600!"-That one gaming mag that didn't have that long of a run but was still entertaining even though they were reviewing N64 games while we were playing PS3... You know... The one that had that guy that got in trouble and due to a lawsuit they went bankrupt and had to close... Yea, that one. Magazine.

But despite recent lawsuits between the two companies SEGA is willing to acknowledge how well the Borderlands series has sold over the past few years and decided that having Gearbox work on this valuable IP can possibly make them more money in the long run.

Phantasy Star Online 3 is slated to possibly be released Q8 2023.

On other news Gearbox has just announced that they are now working on their new game Borderlands: The Sequel to the Pre-Sequel Prequel! They have informed of an complete overhaul to the world, weapons, and classes playable characters to choose from along with a new end boss named Dark Falz!

More on Borderlands: The Sequel to the Pre-Sequel Prequel! coming on a later date.